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inquirED's Distance-Learning Curriculum

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We are all on an inquiry now, one that is changing by the hour.

We’re here for the teachers exploring new methods of instruction, those of you at home juggling roles and responsibilities, and our students, who need all of us to learn and grow.

Week-Long Inquiries

Week-long interdisciplinary inquiries that explore the question: How can we stay together when we're apart? 


Teachers (and at-home adults) can share the day's webpage directly with students. 

Image by Jerry Wang

What to expect

Students should be able to complete each day’s work in 20 minutes - with options for additional exploration.


The mini-inquiry builds over the course of the week and guides students to create a project that shows their learning.

Image by Hannah Olinger

"Together When Apart was just what we were looking for as a school: engaging and inquiry-based, valuing the authentic, lived experience of students at this unique moment in time"

5th Grade Teacher

Dayton, OH

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