Finalizing the Work

15-20 Minutes

  • Create your “Expression of Gratitude”

  • Your work from previous activities

  • Pencil, pen, or other drawing tool

  • A sheet of paper or large index card

  • Coloring materials (optional)


We’re thinking about the question: “How can we show gratitude to essential workers and helpers in our community?”

Your challenge this week is to create an “Expression of Gratitude” to honor a community helper and their important work.

Remember your work plan? That’s when you said:

I will add…

I will try…

I will adjust…

Let's Get Started!

Decide or discuss: What will you do next to turn your plan into action?

Check out this “Expression of Gratitude” by another student.

Ask yourself:

Did this student follow their plan? 

What changes did they make from their plan to the final product?

Does this student’s final “Expression of Gratitude” show why this community helper is important to the community?

What do you like about how it turned out?


Egg on Knee


Final Draft

Egg on Knee


Today, you will work to create your “Expression of Gratitude”!

1. Get out your plan for how you will show gratitude and any other materials from previous activities.

2. Think about your “Showing Gratitude Plan” and decide:

  • How will you create your “Expression of Gratitude”?

  • What supplies do you need?

  • Do you need an adult to help you?

3. Get to work creating your “Expression of Gratitude”!

Ready for Day 5?

On day 5, you will find a way to share your “Expression of Gratitude.”