Finalizing the Work

15-20 Minutes

Create your final “Timeline of Events”

  • Your work from previous activities

  • Pencil, pen, or other drawing tool

  • A blank sheet of paper or “Timeline Template” handout (optional)

  • Coloring materials (optional)


We’re thinking about the question: How can we create a historical record of important events?

Your challenge this week is to create a “Timeline of Events” to show important events from your life.

Remember your work plan? That’s when you said:

I will add…

I will try…

I will adjust…

Let's Get Started!

Decide or discuss: What will you do next to turn your draft into a final timeline?

Check out this “Timeline of Events” created by another student.

Ask yourself:

  • What changes did this student make to their work?

  • How did the student use pictures to show events?

  • What ideas does this give you for creating your own timeline?


Egg on Knee


Final Draft

Egg on Knee


Today, you will work to finish your “Timeline of Events.”

1. Get out your draft and any other materials from previous activities.

2. Decide: Will you use a new piece of paper (or another copy of the “Timeline Template” handout) to complete a final draft?

3. Think:

  • How will you improve your timeline?

  • Will you change your pictures or events?

  • What supplies do you need?

  • Do you need an adult to help you?

4. Get to work finishing your “Timeline of Events”!

Ready for Day 5?

On day 5, you will find a way to share your “Timeline of Events.”