Let's Get Started!


  • Think about how your “Expression of Gratitude” honors a community helper’s hard work

  • Find a way to share your final work


We’re thinking about the question: “How can we show gratitude to essential workers and helpers in our community?”

Your challenge this week is to create an “Expression of Gratitude” to honor a community helper and their important work.


Reflecting and Sharing

15-20 Minutes

Think about all the community helpers that you have learned about.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if they all felt appreciated?

  • How can you encourage others to thank these helpers, too?

Look at your finished “Expression of Gratitude.” Think or discuss:

  • Did you reach your goal?

  • How do you hope others feel when they see your work?

Share your work! Here are some ideas for connecting with others:

Share with a family member and…

  • Help them to create their own.

  • Ask them if they have comments, questions, or a connection to your work (or use the “Sharing” handout to get a written response).

or ask an adult to help you share your work online with the #inquirEDtogether hashtag.

or send your “Expression of Gratitude” to the person you represented.

or hang your “Expression of Gratitude” in the window.

Keep your “Expression of Gratitude” as an historical record that you and others can look back on later.

All finished?

Congratulations! You've created your Expression of Gratitude!