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Reflecting and Sharing


15-20 Minutes

Today you will3.png
  • Think about how your “My Global Connections Infographic” shows how you are connected to faraway people and places

  • Think about how your “My Global Connections Infographic” communicates information to others

  • Find a way to share your final work

You will need5.png


We’re thinking about

the question: 

“How do the things we use connect us to people and places around the world?”

Your challenge this week is to create a “My Global Connections Infographic” showing how the everyday items you consume connect you to distant people and places.

Let's Get Started!


Look around you right now. Notice the things in the room. 

  • How many people have helped to make the things around you?

  • How far have these things traveled to get to you?


Look at your finished “My Global Connections Infographic.” Reflect on your work in writing. Write it out on a piece of paper (or use the “Reflection” handout if you like).

  • How would you explain the choices you made in designing your infographic to someone else? 

  • How did you use color to communicate ideas?

  • What findings surprised you?

  • What questions does this raise for you? If you were going to learn more about global connections, what would you want to research?


 Now it’s time to share your work with others!


Here are some ideas for connecting with others:

  • Share with a family member and…

    • Help them to create their own.

    • Ask them if they have comments, questions, or a connection to your work (or use the “Sharing” handout to get a written response).

  • Hang your “My Global Connections Infographic” in the window.

  • Ask an adult to help you share your work online with the #inquirEDtogether hashtag.

Keep your “My Global Connections Infographic” with your other work from this time. You can look back on these later to remember this unique moment in history.

All finished?

Way to go! You've shared your learning about your connections to people and places around the world!

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