Reflecting and Sharing


15-20 Minutes

  • Think about how your “Uplifting Action” encourages and supports your community

  • Find a way to share your final work

  • Your work from previous activities


We’re thinking about

the question: 

“How can we support and encourage our community during difficult times?”

Your challenge this week is to design and perform an “Uplifting Action” to support and encourage your community.

Let's Get Started!

What if everyone took action like you did this week?

Look at your finished “Uplifting Action.”


Reflect on your action in writing. Write it out on a piece of paper (or use the “Reflection” handout if you like).

  • What impact do you hope your work had on others?

  • How did limitations, or constraints, require you to be a creative problem solver?

  • How might your work inspire others?

Now it’s time to share your work with others!

Here are some ideas for connecting with others:

  • Share with a family member and…

    • Help them to create their own.

    • Ask them if they have comments, questions, or a connection to your work (or use the “Sharing” handout to get a written response).

  • Ask an adult to help you share your work online with the #inquirEDtogether hashtag.

  • Keep photographs and other evidence from your “Uplifting Action” somewhere safe. You can look back on these later to remember this unique moment in history.

All Finished?

Way to go! You've taken positive action to support and encourage your community!