Finalizing the Work


15-20 Minutes

  • Finalize your “Coded Message”

  • Your work from previous activities

  • Writing tool


We’re thinking about

the question: 

"How can we communicate with others to share our thoughts and ideas?"

Your challenge this week is to connect to someone using a “Coded Message.”

Let's Get Started!

It’s time to take steps to finalize your work based on your work plan. 

Remember your work plan? That’s when you said: 

  • I will add…

  • I will try…

  • I will adjust…

Decide or discuss:


What will you do next to finalize your work?

Check out some “Coded Messages” by other students.

​​What changes did this person make to their work?


How do these changes help to make the message clearer?

First Draft


Today, you will work to finalize your “Coded Message” to best represent your setting.

  1. Get out your first draft and any other materials from previous activities.

  2. Think about your work plan.

  3. Decide: Do you need a fresh piece of paper to start over? Or will you just edit your first draft to make your final draft?

  4. Get to work finalizing your "Coded Message"!

Be sure to save your “Coded Message” so you can share it later!

Ready for Day 5?

On day 5, you will reflect on your "Coded Message" and find a way to share your final work with someone else!