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Evaluating the Work


15-20 Minutes

Today you will3.png
  • Think about your work and reflect on your progress

  • Make a plan to improve your work

You will need5.png
  • Your work from previous activities

  • Paper or notebook

  • Pencil, pen, or other writing tool



We’re thinking about

the question: 

“How do the things we use connect us to people and places around the world?”

Your challenge this week is to create a “My Global Connections Infographic” showing how the everyday items you consume connect you to distant people and places.

Let's Get Started!


You’ve already started creating your “My Global Connections Infographic.” When someone looks at your work, they should see:

  • Items you use represented in symbols and words

  • A chart that represents which items came from each continent

  • Statements that demonstrate your learning about global connections



Look at this student’s “My Global Connections Infographic.”

  • Does this work show items represented in symbols and words?

  • Does this work show which continent each item came from?

  • Does this student’s statements demonstrate their learning about global connections?

  • How did this student use color to make their information clear?  

Now imagine we have the chance to give this student feedback on their work to make it stronger and clearer.



What advice would you give the student to make this work even stronger?

The student could use color to…


The student could add…


The student could try…


The student could change…


Your challenge this week: Create a “My Global Connections Infographic” that shows how the everyday items you consume connect you to distant people and places.


Today, you will examine the sketch you created of your “My Global Connections Infographic” to see if you are meeting your goals.


1. Pencils down! This is a thinking exercise

2. ​Look at your work and ask:

  • Are items I use represented in symbols?

  • Have I created a chart that shows which continent my items came from?

  • Do my written statements demonstrate my learning about global connections?


3. Wait, still don’t touch your work! First, make a plan to add color in a way that makes your information more clear to others. Choose an option for color-coding below.


I will use color to…

  • Show that items come from the same continent (ex. one color for everything from Asia, a different color for everything from North America)

  • Show how items are similar (ex. one color for all electronics, a different color for all kitchen items)

  • Show something else about my items like: ________________

Remember to save the plan you made to improve your work and the sketch of your “My Global Connections Infographic.”


You’ll use them both to create your final “My Global Connections Infographic.”

Ready for Day 4?

On day 4, you will finish your “My Global Connections Infographic.”

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