Evaluating the Work


15-20 Minutes

  • Reflect on your progress

  • Make a plan to improve your work

  • Your work from previous activities

  • Paper or notebook

  • Writing tool


We’re thinking about

the question: 

"How can we communicate with others to share our thoughts and ideas?"

Your challenge this week is to connect to someone using a “Coded Message.”

Let's Get Started!

You’ve already created the first draft of a “Coded Message.”

Pause to look at your work.

Look at this student’s “Coded Message” and ask:


  • Is it clear who the message is for?

  • Does the plan explain why they want to send a message to that person?

  • Is the coded message accurate using the code key below?

Code Key


Keep in mind your challenge this week: Connect to someone using a “Coded Message.”


You already have a first draft, and today you will complete the next step of the challenge! 

  1. Pencils down! This is a thinking exercise!

  2. Look at your work and ask:

    • Is it clear who my message is for?

    • Did I explain why I want to send a message to this person?

    • Is my coded message accurate?

  3. Wait, still don’t touch your work! First, make a work plan! Complete one of these sentences:

    • I will add…

    • I will try…

    • I will adjust…

Test your code!


Share your message and key with someone else.

Can they decode your message?

Ready for Day 4?

On day 4, you will finalize your "Coded Message."