Planning Your Action


15-20 Minutes

  • Explore an example (called a case study) of an uplifting action 

  • Create an “Action Plan” for your own “Uplifting Action” that encourages and brings joy to others in your community

  • Paper or notebook

  • Pencil, pen, or other writing tool


We’re thinking about

the question: 

“How can we support and encourage our community during difficult times?”

Your challenge this week is to design and perform an “Uplifting Action” to support and encourage your community.

Let's Get Started!

See: What do you see here?


Think: What do you think is going on? What makes you think that?


Wonder: What do you wonder about this?



Miss You, Love You, Wash Your Hands (MYLYWYH) is a community art project started by artist and teacher Kyle Monhollen in Davis, California.

He made a lot of signs with the words “MISS YOU, LOVE YOU, WASH YOUR HANDS” and a code that people can scan with a phone to hear a song.


He hopes the songs will help people stay safe and connected while they are apart. 

In this video, Kyle shares a few words about how and why he created his public art.


Kyle is sharing his signs and helping to bring joy to other places across the country through the MYLYWYH Facebook page.

Think or discuss:


  • How did Kyle respond to what is happening in the world?

  • How did he use his passions (what he loves) and his skills (what he’s good at) to encourage and uplift others?

  • How did he perform his action using things he had available while following the rules of staying separate from others?

So how can young people get involved in a community project?


In this video, Kyle shares his advice!

Young people are making a difference, too! Look at the pictures below of other uplifting actions taken by young people across the country.



Uplifting Artwork


Can you guess what these kids think their community needs right now?

What do you think these kids love to do?

Remember your challenge this week: Design and perform an “Uplifting Action” to support and encourage your community. 

Today, you will create an “Action Plan” to help you meet your challenge and perform your “Uplifting Action”!

Look at your brainstorm from Day 1 and then:


  • Circle 1 or 2 favorite passions (what you love).

  • Circle 1 or 2 skills (what you are good at) that you can use for this challenge.

  • Circle 1 or 2 needs that your community has right now.

Now get out a new piece of paper (or use the “Action Plan” handout if you like).


Create your “Action Plan” by filling in the blanks below with the passions, skills, and community needs you circled on your brainstorm paper. Don’t forget to create a drawing, too! It should show details about your “Uplifting Action.”


I will use my love for or my skill at (circle one)  ___________________________

to take the uplifting action of  ___________________________________,

so I can meet my community’s need for  _________________________.


Now draw out your idea!

Ready for Day 3?

On day 3, you will reflect on your progress and improve your work.