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  • Make a plan to show gratitude to a community helper

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We’re thinking about the question: “How can we show gratitude to essential workers and helpers in our community?”

Your challenge this week is to create an “Expression of Gratitude” to honor a community helper and their important work.


Expressing Gratitude

15-20 Minutes



How can you thank the people that are working hard to help your community?


Let’s listen to the story of a community helper to learn about their important role. As you listen, think about these questions:

  • What was this person’s job? 

  • How did this person help their community? 

  • What would you thank this person for doing?

This is a story about Pura Belpré.

She was the first Puerto Rican librarian in New York City.

She was a wonderful storyteller and loved sharing stories about her family in Puerto Rico.

She started many programs and brought a lot of books in Spanish to the library to make it a place that even more people could enjoy.

Now, can you answer these questions?

  • What was Pura Belpré’s job?

  • How did she help her community?

Did you think of a way that you would show gratitude to Pura Belpré? 

Let’s look at some examples of how people across the country are thanking their community helpers. Ask yourself:

  • Who are they thanking?

  • What are they doing to thank community helpers? Why are they thanking this helper?



This family says thank you to the garbage and recycling collectors, who are working to keep the neighborhood clean and safe.



This girl sews masks for nurses who do not have masks to protect themselves. This is her way to say thank you for taking care of these patients.



A second-grade boy thanks his local grocery store workers who continue to work so families stay fed.


Look back at your list of community helpers. Could you imagine doing something to thank them?


Your challenge this week is to create an “Expression of Gratitude” to honor a community helper and their important work. 

Today, you get to make your plan to thank a community helper!


Look back on your list from yesterday and determine: 

  • Who is a person on your list that you'd really like to thank?

  • Why do you want to thank them? 

  • Why is this person’s work so important? 

Circle this person on your paper.


Review your goals. Your plan will:

  • Identify the helper that you want to thank

  • Give at least 1 reason this job is important

  • Contain a sketch for your “Expression of Gratitude” 


On a piece of paper, create a plan for how you will show gratitude this week (or use the “Showing Gratitude Plan” handout if you like). 

Use the information below to help you make your plan.

The helper I would like to honor is ____________________________________.

This person is helping my community by ____________________________________.

This helper’s job is important because ____________________________________.

I would like to thank this helper by:

  • Making a card

  • Making a sign or poster

  • Writing a song or poem

  • Other idea: ____________________________________

Create a sketch of your plan.

Remember to save your plan! You’ll use it to create your final “Expression of Gratitude.”


Watch the “Curious Kids - Careers” video to learn more about different jobs that people have. 

Think about how these different jobs help their communities.

Ready for Day 3?

On day 3, you will improve your plan for your “Expression of Gratitude.”

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