Your challenge this week is to create a “Timeline of Events” to show important events from your life. As a first step, today you will make a list of important events from your life and put them in order.


Now it’s time to think about your life!

  • What would you include in a timeline of your own life?


You're going to make a list of important events from your life. You can make your list on a piece of paper, or use the “Important Events from My Life” handout if you like.

When you make your list, make sure you have at least 5 events. Use the idea starters below to help you!

  • When I was born…

  • When I was a baby…

  • When I was a little kid…

  • One important thing I have learned is...

  • One important thing I have done is...


Make your list! Once you are finished, check to see that you listed your events in the order they happened.

Watch the “Timelines for Kids” video from Clarendon Learning. While you're watching, ask yourself:

  • What does a timeline tell us?

  • What are different ways to make a timeline?



Exploring Timelines

15-20 Minutes

  • Explore different types of timelines

  • Make a list of important events from your life and put them in order


We’re thinking about the question: How can we create a historical record of important events?

Your challenge this week is to create a “Timeline of Events” to show important events from your life.



What is this a picture of?

What do you think it tells us?

What do you think we can learn from this?

Let's Get Started!

Let’s look at some other examples of timelines.


a list of events that happened in the past, including when they happened and in what order they happened



This timeline shows pictures of bicycles from the past. There is a number below each picture. 

This number tells the year that a bicycle was made. 

Look at how bicycles have changed over time!



This picture shows a timeline like the ones made by the Kiowa people.

A timeline like this is called a winter count.

In a winter count, the Kiowa people used pictures to show what happened to them. There are two pictures for each year. The pictures are in order of when they happened.



This is a timeline that was made by people in England long ago. It is only a small piece of a big timeline called the Bayeux (sounds like BY - yoo) Tapestry.

The pictures in the timeline are made from thread. Someone stitched the thread onto a piece of cloth to make the pictures.

The pictures tell the story of an important battle.

Look back at the different timelines you just learned about. Ask yourself:

  • Why do people create timelines?

  • How can timelines help us understand the past?

Ready for Day 2?

On day 2, you will make a draft of your “Timeline of Events.”

The picture above is an example of a timeline. Timelines help us understand history.