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Selecting Inspiring Questions

15-20 Minutes

Today you will3.png
  • Examine the steps that make up a quest

  • Create a “Quest Plan” to answer your big, curious question

You will need5.png
  • Your work from the previous day

  • Paper or notebook

  • Pencil, pen, or other writing tool

  • “Quest Plan” handout (optional)



We’re thinking about the question: “How can we ask, improve, and plan to investigate questions that are meaningful to us?”

Your challenge this week is to create a “Quest Map” that describes how and why you will explore your big, curious question.

Let's Get Started!


Some questions are so open and interesting they can send us on a journey of discovery!


Let’s find a question big enough to send us on a journey!


Look back at your list of questions.

Ask yourself:

  • Which question am I most curious about?

Circle that question!

Congratulations! You found a big, curious question!

Now that you’ve found it, you’ll go on a quest to find the answers.



wanting to know more, learn more


a journey of adventure to find answers

Did you ever notice that “quest” is part of the word “question”?

You are not the first person to find a big, curious question and go on a quest!

What steps will you take on your quest? Read below to find out more!


Finding a Helper

In stories, many people on a quest find helpers along the way. Maybe you can find someone to help you!

The helper knows something about the question you are exploring. They can give you ideas or tools that will help you answer your question.

Ask yourself: Who could your helpers be?


Looking for Information

Books, websites, and other places where you can find information will be important on your quest!

It is good to look for information from places that you can trust. Ask your helper to show you where you can find information that is true and will help you.

Ask yourself: Where will you look for information?


Practicing and Trying New Things

Sometimes on a quest you have to practice new things. You have to try lots of ways to learn and find out answers.

Sometimes you even have to make mistakes many times before you can learn something.

Ask yourself: What will you have to practice and learn on your quest?


Your challenge this week is to create a “Quest Map” that describes how you will explore your big, curious question. 

Today, you will make a plan to create your “Quest Map.”


Remember when you chose your big, curious question? Ask yourself:

  • Why is this question important to me?

Think about how you would search for the answer to this question.

  • Who could help you along the way?

  • What are 3 things you could do on your quest to answer your question?

  • Where can you find information to help you along the way?


Goals for your “Quest Plan”:

  • Shows the big, curious question that you are trying to answer on your quest

  • Shows the steps of your journey in words or pictures


Create your “Quest Plan”!

On a piece of paper (or the “Quest Plan” handout), use words or pictures to plan your quest to answer your big, curious question. Your plan should include your big, curious question and answer the questions below:

  • WHO can help you along the way? (at least 1 person)

  • WHAT are 3 things you will do on your quest?

  • WHEN can you start?

  • WHERE will you go for your information?

  • WHY is this important to you?

Remember to save your plan! You’ll use it to create your final “Quest Map.”


Look at some of the other questions on your list. Can you find anybody to help you answer any of them?

Ready for Day 3?

On day 3, you will work to improve your “Quest Plan.”

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