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Reflecting and Sharing


15-20 Minutes

Today you will3.png
  • Think about how your “Tall-Tale Trading Card” turns a real-life person into a larger-than-life character

  • Find a way to share your final work

You will need5.png
  • Your finished “Tall-Tale Trading Card”



We’re thinking about

the question: 

"How can we celebrate our everyday heroes?”

Your challenge this week is to create a “Tall-Tale Trading Card” that describes the special traits and talents of your personal hero.

Let's Get Started!


Ordinary people became heroes of tall tales in the past. Just imagine: Your hero might inspire a tall tale in the future!


Look at your finished “Tall-Tale Trading Card.“

  • How would you explain the choices you made in designing your trading card to someone else?

  • Why is it important to celebrate our everyday heroes?

  • What do you hope people will understand about your hero by looking at your trading card?


Now that you’ve finished your “Tall-Tale Trading Card,” it’s time to share your work with others!


Here are some ideas for connecting with others:

  • Share with a family member and…

    • Help them to create their own.

    • Ask them if they have comments, questions, or a connection to your work  (or use the “Sharing” handout to get a written response).

  • Ask an adult to help you share your work online with the #inquirEDtogether hashtag.

  • Send your “Tall-Tale Trading Card” to the person you represented.

  • Hang your “Tall-Tale Trading Card” in the window.

  • Keep your “Tall-Tale Trading Card” somewhere safe as a historical record that you and others can look back on later.

All Finished?

Way to go! You've created a tall-tale character from a real-life hero!

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